Seasonal Wedding Menus

A wedding is a wonderful way to celebrate as two people publicly declare their love for all to know. Many couple opt for a formal celebration consisting of a religious ceremony followed by a party at a local catering hall and music for dancing. They will also want to be able to serve their guests a meal of some kind. Creating a menu that will please many guests at the same time can be a challenge even for the most organized bride. A bride will typically look for many different sources of inspiration to help her guests truly enjoy dining with her on her happy day.

One of the best sources of inspiration are the seasons. A menu designed around the seasons has many food The bride can take advantage of items that are in season at the present time in order to serve their guests the freshest possible menu items. A menu centered around foods that are as fresh as possible is one that will appeal to a wide variety of tastes. A vegetarian will delight in sampling flavorful asparagus while someone who enjoys meat will be happy to chow down on well grilled lamb or pheasant.

Seasonal wedding menus should be designed around what is in season at any given time. Those who are holding a spring wedding will find that they have many items to pick from. A typical spring wedding menu might begin with a light soup of spring vegetables that have been picked from a nearby garden. This might be followed by a choice of main courses including pork with a rhubarb puree and grilled trout topped with spring onions and lemon. Dessert selections may include a serving of strawberries topped with clotted cream and a raspberry chocolate mousse.

A wedding held in spring may follow along the same lines and enable guests to enjoy the full tastes of summer’s bounty and promise. Many brides want to help their guests enjoy the delightful foods that come to full fruition during this time. summerWeddingMenuA summer wedding menu might begin with a choice of pea soup or sweet corn soups that use locally grown produce. The bride might want to offer her guests a similarly fresh choice for their main courses. A serving of grilled chicken with potatoes and mint can be ideal. Another excellent summer main course might be broiled in season salmon flavored with herbs and lemon slices. Fish is one of the dishes often served at weddings as it symbolic of happiness and fertility in many cultures. Summer is when you will find many fresh fruit on the market. An excellent summer dessert choices are ice creams made such fruit such as lime cherry and pomegranate mango.

A fall wedding can be an ideal way to showcase certain colors and tastes. This is when guests start to think about items such as pumpkins, plums and apples of all kinds. A bride may want to help her guests sample the offerings of this season. A fall wedding menu might start off with a mushroom and spinach tart as well as a savory squash soup with a contrasting red pepper cream. The bride may then want to serve her guests loin of veal with a sweet potato and savory roasted brussel sprouts stuffing. This might be followed up with pies made from pumpkins and a fruit tart of roasted plums.

winterWeddingFoodWinter is when people look to comfort foods. A bride can welcome her guests with upscale versions of classic winter favorites. A winter wedding menu might begin with a cup of chicken soup with orzo or a rich duck terrine with a wine jus. The bride may want to honor winter by serving her guests a choice of turkey with chestnut stuffing or pork loin with a whipped potato and fried onion topping. A winter wedding menu might end with a dark chocolate cake and a baked apple tart with fresh toasted pecans.

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